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Well, ever wonder what the hell I'm doing when I have a free moment. All the cool links are here to show you all the crazy things people are doing on the internet. Got one to add? Send it to me!

The Best On The Net:
Home Star Runner -
The Best web site in the world. Click Here!

Ma-ia-hii - Some kid lipsyncing a European O-Zone Song. Click Here!
Ma-ia-hii Lyrics - Yep the crazy lyrics to this song. Click here!

Tontie, Grow, and Pelpet - Cool games developed by some Japanese guy. Click Here!

Sqaures 2 - Another crazy game, but very addictive! Click Here!

What is a Hoe, Alex? - Yep, Even Ken the smart one gets something wrong! Click Here!

Fireman Comics - A site with flash animations that make fun of dumb things and use MS Paint! Click here!

DVD Price search - Find out how much a DVD will cost after taxans shipping from most major companies. Click here!

The Darwin Awards - Ever think you know dumb people? You haven't met these people! Click Here!

Buddy Icons - Find one here! Be a Baler with these icons! Click Here!

Jack Handy Quotes - Can't beat them. Click Here!

Jack Handy Quotes Page 2 - Can't beat even more of his quotes. Click Here!

Current Time in 250 Places - Need the time somewhere, like anywhere? check the time anywhere by Clicking Here!

Geissworks - Cool stuff (Visualizations & Screen Savers) for Winamp and your desktop. Click Here!

Random Quotes - Get a random quote for whatever. Click Here!

Are You an Idiot? - Check this out. WARNING: May be cool! Click Here!

Horny Scarecrow - Need to hear more about sex, try this song! Click Here!

The Best Damn Site - Lots of cool make fun of everything articles. I know you will agree with a lot of what this guy has to say! Click Here!

Are you buggin' someone? Send them this web site Click Here!

Buggin You 2 - Yep, more of the bug buggin you! Click Here!

Desktop Backdrops - Need some cool Desktop backdrops? Click Here!

Pop Vs. Soda - Where do people say Pop or Soda? Find out here!

You want a fat babe? - You know you like the Backstreet Boys and Fat Women, so here is a song for you! Click Here!

Are you a cow? - Don't milk my udders!!! Click Here!

Stick Figure Sex - I just want bang bang bang. Click Here!

Mr. Nice - Some nice dancing in here! Click Here!

Hot or not? - Check out this hot chick Click Here!

Beer Pong Picture - Beer Pong anyone? Click Here!

Do the Mario! - Mario is on crack now....humpty hump?

69 Fun - Get in on the action! Click Here!

Alcohol Warnings - I bet we all know someone who is like this. Click Here!

All Your Base Belong to Us - Yep, gotta love bad translations. Click Here!

Peanutbutter Jelly Time - I love dancing bananas? Click Here!

Bunny Hunter - Got to love the French. Click Here!

Burger King - This is why I never worked there. Click Here!

Lesbian Fist - Oh, at Christmas time I love to fist lesbians??? Click Here!

Delta Ebonics - Fly Delta if you like Ebonics. Click Here!

Deng Deng - This will make you laugh. Why? I have no clue. Click Here!

Yatta Yatta - This video is real and hilarious and catchy. Click Here!

Shake that Butt - This is why you need to work out. Click Here!

You Don't Know Jack - I know who Jack Schitt is. Click Here!

Mario Twins - The title says it all. Click Here!

Mini Putt - Hey golfers, learn to play online. Click Here!

Points for Hit and Run - Hit and run over as many people as you can in this pointless game. Click Here!

Spank the Monkey - Oh yeah, 900 MPH, beat that... Click Here!

Gonads and Strife - I love this. Click Here!

Riddle - If you can figure it out let me know! Click Here!

Shabot6000 - 50 Cent sings about Passover! Click Here!

Mi-ya-hee - Yeah, this is funny. Here are the lyrics too! Click Here!

Console Wars 1 - A mix of MS Paint and hilariousness! Click Here!

Console Wars 2 - A come back with the new game systems. Click Here!

Nerdshoe: Oscar Preview - A preview in the terms of MS Paint. Click Here!

Store Wars - Organic food will never be the same! Click Here! | Original Site |

Google Song - A play on Google in a stupid way. Click Here!

The End of the World - It is the end of the world after seeing this. Click Here!

Nick or Treat - Or is it Nick or Treat? Click Here!

The good, the bad, and of course all of the crap you would never believe to be on the internet. All of it is here in one place!