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Are you sure you want to see these?!?!

Well, it doesn't take much for the person who normally is camera shy to be caught in uncompromissing situations. I am slowly but surely getting this gallery going. Here will be the photos that are interesting, but yet embarressing! Thank goodness no one has a photo of that one time at the...


Wet and Wild Sunday

Cholla Nights


Graduation Day - August 2004

Graduation Night - August 2004

The first time the boys hung out

Charissa Birthday at The Vine


ACLC 2005

SuperBowl 2005

Spring 2005

May Fun 2005

Random June Fun 2005

Sparky's Luau Photos 2005

Summer Drinking 2005
- May 17, 05'
- May 28, 05'
- May 30, 05'
- June 4, 05'

Margaret and Seth's Wedding - July 1, 2005

Brian's 22nd Birthday Bash

ASU Football vs. Temple Sept. 1, 2005

Party at Steve's on a Thursday - 9/16/05

There aren't any photos of me naked, and for you men, of course there are several photos of me drinking, or being drunk, or being caught in bad situation.