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9.20.07 - More Space Mean More Photos

- - Updated background to go with new makeover.
- - Changed spotlight and link
- - Released some files back without needing authentication

8.27.05 - More Space Mean More Photos

- - Had to upgrade as I ran out of space. I am trying to get all of my photos online.
- - I have posted a new blog for the week
- - I have loaded some old school photos from 2003, hey hey!

7.16.05 - More and More Photos

- - I have continued to add photos. The Wedding, graduation photos, Charissa's B-day photos, and more. Check them out!

5.25.05 - Added Blog to site!!!
- - I have added a blog, that I will try to update every once in awhile. We'll see how long that lasts!
- - Made SSI's for the menu's so they are easily updatable!

5.23.05 - Moved to new site
- - The entire site has been moved from the ASU Servers to
- - Updated links and any broken areas

3.07.05 - Hey Hey, even more
- - This site was featured on William B., added info about his site
- - Used the brag section of the site that I built in and have never used. Check it out on the main page.
- - Made a few more updates to the cool stuff page

2.12.05 - Updates, Updates
- - The cool stuff page has been fully loaded
- - Cool Stuff page - all links now work

2.10.05 - New Site Goes Live
- - Finally, I have redone my site after 2 years!


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